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Secure state of today , may not be true tomorrow… so keep security evolving !!!

The Internet of Insecure Things??

In this Digital Transformation era, enterprises need to know much better about their business ecosystem, customers and various internal & external environmental factors, so that they can transform their products, optimize operations, empower their employees and engage with customers. There’s … Continue reading

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Being Chief Compliance Officer , are you empowered to find needle in haystack?

Today, technology is playing a vital role in realizing the vision for India’s growth and is an enabler for the change that we all seek – be it in delivering better citizen services, efficient and productive functioning, or using technology … Continue reading

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Do Windows 10 !! You have the Best Security Solution but Security Landscape has changed….

In My previous blogs , I have been emphasizing on implementing best practices around endpoint Security Compliance , Password Management, Information Protection and Cloud Security as these are the areas which need absolute attention as per the constantly evolving security … Continue reading

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Time for a new password or still you feel if that has a funny side??

During my recent vacation while I was having a train journey along with my family members, interesting discussion got started in the coach on recent compromises on the well-known e-commerce, social networking and job websites. Most of the people were … Continue reading

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Stop, To Start differentiating between Social & Suicidal behavior!!

In 1974, an Indian Bollywood Hindi-Language super hit Movie  was released – “Roti, Kapada aur Makaan”.  It was a block –buster which beautifully highlighted the bare necessities of life during that time. The recent number of social media users in urban India is … Continue reading

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Evolving Information Protection in the Enterprise: Where ever I (Information) go, will take that (Protection) with me !!

Today is the time where we all agree that there is No need to debate on the “need” of Information protection in the enterprises. If solution vendors are still starting the discussions with slides on why Information protection and how … Continue reading

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Evolving Endpoint Security Compliance: 7 Keys to Demystify this Chakra-Vyuha (Spiral Ring Formation)

We all know that not only intellectual property, sensitive business information, customer data bases etc reside on the end points; it also includes user’s private information along with deepest darkest (and most valuable) secrets.  Moreover we are in the era … Continue reading

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Evolving Security in the Cloud: 7 colors in my umbrella for this rainy Cloud..Should I still stay in House ?

The world is looking towards Cloud. For some of us , outside it is  bright, shiny and blue Sky with clear Clouds where we want to be the early  adopters of these new economics – of pay for what you … Continue reading

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